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WellFX LLC is the developer and licensor of the WellFX Social Platform for healthcare.
Provider: Herein, the Provider is the licensee of the WellFX technology for the benefit of themselves and their patients, and/or member Providers in the event the licensor is a consortium, coalition, association, or similar.

Term of Agreement: WellFX offers the WellFX Social Platform to the Provider on an ongoing, perpetual monthly basis, with the option to bill monthly, or annually in advance with a discount. The Provider may cancel this service with a 90 day written notice after the initial 1 year commitment.
Explanation of service: WellFX has built a private and secure social media platform, specifically for the healthcare market, that enables patients to connect with each other online, share information, and participate with their healthcare provider as part of their care team. This is all done while maintaining patient privacy and compliance with the industry’s unique regulatory requirements (HIPAA).

The WellFX Social Platform is designed to not only allow patient to patient interaction one-on-one, but, through the WellGroups’ functionality, patients can participate with one another in a group environment to discuss specific topics. Topics can include specific diseases or conditions, exercise, diet, outreach and virtually any other topic the Provider desires. It is within these group areas that the Provider can upload and supply standard and ongoing educational materials to patients.
WellFX components include:

  • Security enabled patient profile
  • Security enabled posting to “friends” via the Pad
  • Security enabled Album/Folder storage
  • Security enabled (private and public) groups
  • Educational content delivery to patients
  • Group discussion & support
  • Outreach and information delivery to patients
  • Staff education and training
  • Staff communication

WellFX Security includes:
  • Continuous HTTPS Encryption
  • User control over what information is shared
  • User control over what posts are public or private
  • Note: Group posts are visible to all members of the Group

WellFX Technical Details: The WellFX Social Platform is hosted in the Amazon Cloud Computing environment. Because Amazon provides a completely scalable and virtually infinite supply of hardware, WellFX runs all servers in a redundant state, ensuring availability and duplication of data. WellFX has designed systems to ensure minimal to no downtime to maintain the Social Platform, however WellFX is unable to control or guarantee performance of the Amazon Computing Cloud. In the event the WellFX Social Platform should be down for more than 48 hours due to an outage, a pro rata, per diem adjustment shall be made to the Provider’s billing, offsetting for said downtime.

Technology Requirements: Because WellFX is a completely hosted service, no hardware or software is required by the Provider to deliver the Social Platform to its patients. Please note however that WellFX only maintains support for the most current release of each of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Payment Terms: Payments and payment terms are attached. Payments more than 10 days past due shall be deemed late and subject to a late fee of 10% of the unpaid amount. WellFX reserves the right to discontinue service should payments be more than 10 days late. In such case, reinstatement shall be subject to an additional reinstatement fee equal to 10% of one month’s billing (or the equivalent).

WellFX Responsibilities: WellFX shall provide Provider with a private and secure social platform for its patients. All data contained therein shall be bound by the ownership and privacy terms of the agreement acknowledged upon signup by the user/patient. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, Provider shall retain ownership of any unique educational content it uploads. Likewise, any educational content provided by WellFX, shall remain the property of WellFX.

WellFX will provide support to the Provider in the form of online training and email/portal support, and limited telephone support as determined as necessary by WellFX support staff. WellFX shall provide support to the end user/patient via the online help and knowledge base, and by email if determined as necessary by WellFX support staff.
Provider Responsibilities: In addition to the financial arrangements of this agreement, Provider agrees to: 1) cooperatively promote and encourage the rollout of WellFX to to its associated facilities/offices, and 2) co-implement /promote adoption programs to encourage patient utilization of the platform.

Patient/User Responsibilities: The provider and its patients are bound by the WellFX Terms of Use agreement accepted upon enrollment in the platform (including the WellFX Privacy Policy). Said agreement is hereby incorporated by reference, and is subject to change per the terms of that agreement.

Acknowledgement: By submitting your order for the platform online, both parties acknowledge and agree to the terms and definitions outlined herein, and outlined in the Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy.