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The WellFX social platform is mobile enabled, keeping providers and patients connected to their online wellness communities on any mobile device.

By providing access to WellFX at any place and at any time, providers can truly extend the reach of their care and stay connected with their patient population. Posting interesting and relevant content and interacting with patients on a regular basis has never been easier with access to WellFX Groups on the go.

Inside WellFX Mobile, patients are given a direct connection to their care plan at all times. Whether they are grocery shopping, at work, out with friends or at home, WellFX patients have constant access to a community of individuals striving toward wellness. By providing a stream of communication and engagement, providers are given the opportunity to help shape patient behaviors at the times they are most tempted to stray from their care plan.

Conveying the right information, to the right patient, at the most critical times is no longer a difficult task when a direct life line to providers can be carried in every patient’s back pocket. By staying connected through real time posts, provider-directed information and education, and their personal wellness groups via their mobile device, patients finally an interactive mechanism to achieve positive health outcomes.

mHealth is shaping up to be the new frontier in healthcare, engaging patient populations everywhere with just the tap of a screen. With WellFX’s mobile capabilities you are ready to take a step into the future of medicine today.