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Employee Wellness

WellFX Supports Employee Wellness

WellFX provides a safe and secure, online environment, reaching employees in an area in which they are already comfortable and practiced at interaction: Social Media. Utilizing a secure social media outlet allows employers to harness the power of group influence to facilitate the adoption of healthy behaviors in an online community that is positive, engaging and supportive. Ongoing communication between employees within the community engages populations with minimal time and effort involved to employers.

WellFX offers Employee Wellness Programs:

  • An intranet for communicating directly amongst staff, expanding the employer-employee relationship and improving overall company morale, building more cohesive teams, and increasing employee retention
  • An engagement solution that activates employees to take a bigger role in informing and educating themselves online about self-health management and redirecting employees who may already be seeking group health support in other, non-qualified forums or channels
  • An automated information and education delivery system to determine exactly what kind of content is engaging employees, what is appropriate for future communication based on those results and conclude optimal times for employee participation