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WellFX Platform Goes Live at Columbia Valley Community Health, Offering Innovative Engagement and Care

Published in mHimss on 12/4/2012

WellFX announced that Columbia Valley Community Health (CVCH) has deployed its first-of-a-kind, private, social platform to patients across CVCH’s obstetrics (OB) practice. The WellFX social platform delivers innovative, provider-directed care through a social community of fellow new and expecting parents and qualified educational resources. In November, CVCH launched the platform for OB patients across its seven facilities, which provide care for more than 25,000 people in Wenatchee and Chelan, WA.

“We’ve been focused on increasing patient engagement as an extension of care, seeking ways to impact healthy lifestyle choices beyond a one-time interaction during an in-person appointment,” said Malcolm Butler, M.D., Medical Director of CVCH. “Providing WellFX to our patients is a key way we can actively participate in our patients’ care after they leave our facility while simultaneously providing them with a community of fellow patients to whom they can turn for understanding and support.”

CVCH serves a multi-lingual population, many of which are young patients with growing families that work in local agricultural industries. Dr. Butler noted that the region’s demographics and growth among families were key factors in deciding to roll out WellFX to obstetrics patients first. As there are many different stages for expecting moms and numerous question areas for new parents, WellFX provides a way to ensure that patient education uploaded from the practice is constantly available and easily accessible alongside other customized information supplied by a provider during scheduled check-ups.

“WellFX ensures a continuous reinforcement of clinician direction to help patients make healthy choices, amplifying the time a provider spends with patients and ensuring that in-office visits are as valuable as they can be for both the clinician and the patient,” said Jock Putney, CEO of WellFX. “We are excited to watch the patients and healthcare providers across Columbia Valley’s facilities use WellFX to create a community of care.”

WellFX’s solution gives clinicians the ability to utilize validated programmatic and clinical content, reinforcing key provider messages to patients for improving their health and wellness while simultaneously giving patients access to peers facing the same health conditions, all of which results in positive health outcomes. Accessible from computers and mobile devices, WellFX provides community and education when and where patients need it.

About Columbia Valley Community Health
Columbia Valley Community Health is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) that provides services for the entire family at seven locations in Wenatchee and Chelan, WA. Medical Services include acute and chronic disease care, maternity care, nutrition services, WIC and First Steps programs, community outreach, diabetes case management, laboratory, radiology, and pharmacy. CVCH serves more than 25,000 individual patients in Chelan and Douglas counties, and it is the mission of Columbia Valley Community Health to provide access to improved health and wellness with compassion and respect for all.

Published in mHimss on 12/4/2012