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WellFX CEO Presents at CPCA Fourth Annual Health Information Technology Summit

February 29, 2012 – Petaluma, CA:  WellFX, the healthcare technology innovator that provides the industry’s only safe, private and secure cloud-based social platform designed specifically for providers, was invited to speak at The California Primary Care Association’s Information Technology Summit on the topic of The Role of Social Platforms in Healthcare.  

WellFX CEO Jock Putney, together with West County Health Center Medical Director Jason Cunningham, were keynote presenters at the Patient Empowerment: Private Social Network Projects Workshop.   During the presentation, Putney introduced WellFX, a new social platform designed specifically for healthcare providers to help improve health outcomes of patients with chronic conditions through engagement, education and community.

“It was an honor to be asked to speak at the HIT Summit,” said WellFX CEO Jock Putney.  “Response to our WellFX social platform was very positive and validated our belief that healthcare has important and industry specific needs for social network platforms that need to be uniquely addressed.   WellFX will be introduced to members of the CPCA later this year.  We are excited to see how it helps transforms the way providers enhance patient engagement in their own healthcare.”

The Health Information Technology Summit is an industry renowned event, specifically designed for Chief Information Officers, IT Directors and CCHC Executives to bring together community clinics and health centers at varying levels of HIT adoption. Speakers include experts in improving access to and quality of healthcare through technology, as well as clinic “HIT champions” who share stories and tools from the front lines of implementation.  The three-day conference was held in Northern California.

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About WellFX:  WellFX inspires wellness. Equally beneficial for providers and patients, WellFX delivers a private and secure social platform that enables providers to engage patients in their own care through the sharing of information and educational materials and creation of patient-to-patient support communities. For providers, WellFX transforms how patients engage in healthcare. For patients, WellFX is a private and secure online community where they can meet, share and get support.

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