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WellFX For Providers

The WellFX private and secure platform sets the stage for delivering positive health outcomes to patients living with chronic medical conditions and aspiring to wellness by inspiring engaged patients. Administrators utilize WellFX as a dynamic communication and education portal to create informed, knowledgeable and passionate practitioners.

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WellFX For Patients

Patients come to WellFX to meet, share and get support as they aspire to wellness. The platform affords those patients a place to educate themselves and actively engage in their own care in a private and secure environment where they have complete control of who sees their content, where their posts appear and who they interact with each day.

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See WellFX

In action, WellFX inspires wellness. Equally beneficial for providers and patients, the private and secure social platform engages patients in their own care, enables the sharing of information and educational materials and serves as a private and secure messaging tool. From login to well being, WellFX is there to bring healthcare to life.

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Latest WellFX News

West County Health Centers Deploy WellFX

September 6, 2012 — West County Health Centers, a Northern California private, non-profit health organization, has deployed WellFX, the nation’s first social platform designed to engage patients in their own healthcare.

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