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California Primary Care Association partners with WellFX to Activate Patients


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November 25, 2013

California Primary Care Association partners with WellFX to Activate Patients

California to Aggressively Pursue Patient Engagement Strategies

Sacramento, CACalifornia Primary Care Association (CPCA) announced today that it has partnered with WellFX to provide its secure patient engagement social platform to patients within community health centers. WellFX’s provider-directed social platform has been selected to serve as CPCA’s recommended patient engagement strategy. CPCA will work with WellFX to implement the social patient engagement platform to its members throughout California, specifically targeting high risk communities and patient populations.
CPCA’s membership includes a diverse assortment of not-for-profit Community Clinics, Health Centers and Regional Clinic Associations.  Representing more than 900 clinics throughout the state, the CPCA believes that WellFX  is the missing piece in the unfinished puzzle of comprehensive care delivery, combining education, social/group support and provider direction in a safe and secure online environment.

Carmela Castellano-Garcia, President and CEO of CPCA, sees patient engagement through this social platform as a way to facilitate patient activation. “We believe this tool will get patients excited about participating in their own healthcare through dialogue with other patients with similar conditions. This social platform will allow patients to have meaningful interaction with each other, all while reducing the load providers are expecting to shoulder in 2014 and beyond with the rollout of ObamaCare. We see this as not only a worthwhile investment but critical in ensuring the best possible outcomes for health center patients.”

WellFX will work with CPCA to roll-out the social engagement platform at community health centers throughout California, with Sonoma County-based West County Health Centers (WCHC) as a key leader in this initiative. WCHC Executive Director and CPCA Board Chair, Mary Szecsey, notes that: “Group visits show us that change management is extremely effective when peers are interacting, sharing best practices and holding one another accountable. WellFX allows us to do this on a much larger scale and engages patients across the whole spectrum – mitigating existing conditions and preventing conditions from arising in the first place.

“One of the WellFX features I am most excited about is the Group Telehealth capability built into the platform,” says Jason Cunningham, Medical Director at West County Health Center.  “We are expecting this single feature to give us the tools to truly change the way we provide patients with access to their Care Team by conducting a meaningful medical visit, via telehealth, from the patient’s home.”

“The advantages to patients using the WellFX platform are unlimited, but the overall financial benefits to using the WellFX platform with the Resolution Exercise and Diet available inside of the platform is absolutely incredible,” says Jeff Thompson, COO of WellFX.  “Studies show that a one point drop in BMI, equivalent to about 10lbs lost, translates to an annual healthcare cost savings of $333 for that patient.  The CDC states that 35.7% of the US population is classified as Obese.  If, by using WellFX, we in partnership with the CPCA can help just 25% of the calculated two million plus obese patients seen by CPCA member health centers, this can translate into a half billion dollar savings in healthcare over 3 years.”

About California Primary Care Association
The California Primary Care Association (CPCA) is the statewide leader and recognized voice representing the interests of California’s community clinics and health centers (CCHCs) and their patients. The association represents more than 900 not-for-profit CCHCs who provide comprehensive, quality health care services, particularly for low-income, uninsured and underserved Californians, who might otherwise not have access to health care. For more information about CPCA, please visit www.cpca.org.

About WellFX
WellFX is the first private social platform designed specifically for healthcare providers to engage and empower patients in better managing their health. WellFX’s mission is to improve patient health outcomes, foster true population health management and reduce overall costs to the healthcare system by affording patients the opportunity to lead healthier lives with proper guidance from their healthcare provider. For more information on WellFX please visit www.well-fx.com.

CPCA Contact: Kearsten Shepherd (916) 503-9073
WellFX Contact: Kate Hughes (888) 244.0107 ext. 1002